Play Management Inc. is a Vancouver based full-service talent agency and management company with locations in Toronto and Atlanta, Georgia. They specialize in film, television, voice over, and commercial industries.

KO Strategy was hired to re-design the website and refresh the style to reflect their modern and growing business. The website design was from 2012 and did not represent the company’s brand and personality. The logo was provided by the client and provided a design direction for the websites look and feel. Each page was re-designed to better represent Play Management’s new and updated branding.

Homepage Re-Design

KO Strategy developed a new homepage strategy that included the mission statement, departments they represent, and a clear call-to-action for the Submissions page.

Homepage Before

Homepage After

Voice Library Re-Design

The previous voice library page was bland and included no styles. It was also visually difficult to differentiate between female and male voice actors on the page. From the client-end usability, it was difficult to upload audio files to the website from the backend.

KO Strategy researched an easy and efficient way of uploading voice files to the website backend while making sure the audio player interface was pleasing. The page design was also strategically designed to ensure the women and men’s audio files were easily identifiable for users to browse through.

Voice Library After

Voice Library After