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Custom Website Design and Development

We provide custom web design and development services using WordPress, the most used CMS in the world. We work with businesses to create a website that reflects their business goals and needs. Each of our websites are professionally designed, fully-responsive and follow website best practices.

E-Commerce Websites

If you have a business that sells products and are looking to sell online, we can help. Depending on your business and products, we can recommend if WordPress or Shopify is right for your online store. We provide custom web-design services in both platforms, along with post-launch training videos so you’re not left in the dark and can manage your online store successfully.

Website Conversions

We convert websites into WordPress format, allowing the site owner to easily edit and update information on their own. A website built several years ago may be static and non-responsive, therefore difficult to use on mobile devices. The conversion ensures the website will be user friendly and accessibly on all popular devices, creating an overall better user experience.

Design Replication

If you’re a designer looking for a reliable source to turn your vision into a website, you’ve come to the right place. We take pride in the fact that we are proficient at replicating a static design and turning it into a fully functioning, responsive website. We work together with you to achieve your vision and goals for your client.

Tech Support and Maintenance

Website maintenance is arguably just as important as the website development itself and can often times go overlooked. Ongoing maintenance keeps a website secure and lightweight. Both are incredibly important for security and page ranking on search engine results. Google uses site performance and speed in their algorithms as a criteria for page ranking. Having someone take care of website updates and maintenance issues not only alleviates stress but allows owners more time to focus on their business.

Essential SEO

There are two important groups within SEO. On-page and off-page SEO. We offer essential on-page SEO services: Title and Descriptions (Meta data), Google Webmaster tools and Analytics integrations.

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