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A strategic website will increase conversions.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a proper process when developing a website. Having a good plan in place will help save time and effort in the long run. This consists of user research, wireframing, site architecture, inclusion of important call to actions and best practices for web and specific to the industry. Having a strategy will also connect to your target audience more successfully, and be in line with your business goals.

A website redesign can be the best ROI method to help marketing efforts

It’s important for business owners to have a website that best represents their products and services they are selling. Having an updated website builds trust and credibility, and also allows the opportunity to update your business since it may have evolved over time.

The e-commerce and customer journey will improve dramatically.

The customer journey is undoubtedly one of the most important factors for any e-commerce website. It could be something as simple as having too much or too little information, or poor photography of the products. Also, a common issue for e-commerce sites is that they are not optimized for an efficient experience. For example, for a WordPress website, it’s important to pick a hosting provider that offers a solution that is specifically designed to host a WordPress website, to ensure quick page load speeds, high performance and security.  I recommend using Flywheel Hosting for WordPress websites because their servers are meant to host WordPress websites and they have an easy-to-use interface. If you’re interested in this company, you can our affiliate link to sign up.

An updated website that focuses on your target audience will help improve your public image and brand.

When I visit a website that looks like it was last updated a decade ago, and the copyright even shows “© 2010”, I’m already questioning the credibility of the business, to some degree. That website, compared to a competitor that has an updated design and ongoing blog posts, already are factors that stand out in comparison. If a updated website isn’t in the budget at the moment, making small tweaks to an existing website can be just as effective! For example, something as simple as adding a contact form on pages where it’s needed, can help increase customer satisfaction and lead generation. This builds trust and improves your public image as a company that cares about customer service and feedback.

A website re-design may not be what you need

There can be cases where a website is beautifully done, but it isn’t generating enough leads or have the ROI you were hoping for. Ongoing tracking is important to help improve your website over time, because as your business grows, your website should as well. Tracking user analytics and seeing where exactly people lose interest, should always be part of any ongoing website project. This important data is what helps create solutions to better ROI. Even refreshing content on pages could help dramatically. Every website has a voice, and it’s important that yours reflects your business and brand.

Most of the time, a website re-design can be much more effective and the answer to achieving better a ROI on an old and stagnant website. If you’re interested in learning more about KO Strategy’s services and how we can help improve your ROI, give us a shout and tell us about your business!

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