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I love to find new tools to improve my design process and work efficiency. The other day, I was specifically looking for a way to generate colour palettes from an image. My client has incredible professional photography for their new website I am designing and developing, and I wanted to make sure the colour palette matches them perfectly.

The many different ways Coolors generates colour palettes:

I found the perfect tool, and it’s free to use! Below are some features I wanted to highlight so you can make the decision for yourself before you use the tool. Also, who doesn’t love trying out fun and easy to use tools for their design process?

Collage it!

After reviewing all the features, I think my favourite one is being able to export the palette into a “Collage”. It saves the HEX colours and the image that the colours were picked from. Most importantly, you can have a great mood board for presentations and as a visual reference. 

Get the app on Android or IOS

Generate colour palettes on the go by using their app. But beware, the app is not free! It currently shows as $2.79 CAD.  Since I do most of my design process from home, I’m 100% happy with the free web version. But if you like to get inspiration on the go or get colour palettes from what you see in your daily life, the app could be for you.

For some extra colour palette inspiration, you can follow them on Instagram too!

The images uploaded to this blog were all optimized using the I wrote about this app in a previous post you can read here.

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