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This is exciting news, not just for web developers and designers, but for clients as well.

Google Chrome Labs has developed an open-source image tool that allows users to easily create web optimized images from any photo, to upload onto websites. The tool is called Squoosh.

It’s goal is to have more websites that are faster loading and optimized. This is perfect for all users, especially clients who do not have photoshop and need a simple tool that does just the one job. There is no need to download any applications, since this is accessed through the browser.

I did a test with two images, compared side by side. One is 1MB in size, and the other is 97% smaller!

Can you tell the difference?

Before image squoosh comparison After image squoosh comparison

Start using Squoosh App for your website images, and reap the benefits of a faster loading website.

If you have any website related questions, contact us! We’re happy to help.